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In MafiaMatrix there are a few terms that if you learn, will help you in understanding other players as well as threads in our in-game forums. Here are a few -

Aggravated Crimes

AR - Armed Robbery

B&E - Breaking & Entering

BR - Bank Robbery

GTA - Grand Theft Auto

JB - Jail Break

MHS - Mafia Hit Squad

PP - Pick Pocket

Pro - Agg/Whack Protection

PB - Payback


BM - Bank Manager

CDTC - Capo Di Tutti Capi

CE - Chief Engineer

CG - Commissioner-General

CL - Crew Leader

FC - Fire Chief

FD - Funeral Director

FM - Field Marshall

GF - Godfather

Gio - Giovane D`Honore

HD - Hospital Director

Pic - Piciotto

PD - Police Department

PL - Personal Lawyer

SCJ - Supreme Court Judge

Sgar - Sgarrista


AK - Auckland

Cago - Chicago

HK - Hong Kong

LD - London

LV - Las Vegas

Manny - Manchester

NY - New York

Rut - Beirut

TO - Toronto


German - German Shepherd

Pit - Pitbull

Rotty - Rottweiler

Staffy/Terrier - Staffordshire Terrier

Tosa - Tosa Inu


BE - British Elite

Casa - Casa D'Onore

EA - Endless Assault

LDH - Legion D'Honneur

Rev - Revolution

SOPS - Sucky Old Player Syndicate


GKT - Galaxy King Transporter

Scorpi - Scorpii Loader

Solaris - Solaris Transporter


AR - Assault Rifle

BBB - Base Ball Bat

Kev - Kevlar Vest

ODL - Omega Death Laser

PR/Plasma - Plasma Rifle

RG - Rail Gun

Shotty - Shotgun

Stabby - Stab Proof Vest


BG - Bodyguard

BM - Black Market

CL - City Leader (In every city there are powerful players that run the city by laying down rules which can be found in the Bar)

CS - Community Service

CW - Conviction Wipe

DH - Drug House

DM - Donation Money, Death Message

DS - Drug Store, Death Sentence

HD - Help Desk

IA - Inactive (If unemployed or in Tier 1 of a career players become IA after 7 days. As soon as a player is IA they are vulnerable to be whacked)

IA Frame - Inactive Frame (If you are IA you might be sentenced for cases you did not commit. This is known as being framed)

IRC - Internet Relay Chat/The MafiaMatrix Chat

JT - Jail Time

MHP - Max Health Points

MM - MafiaMatrix

NG - Not Guilty

Noob - An inexperienced player

PM - Private Message

TLDR - Too long, didn't read

JOAT - Jack of all Trades

If you would like to add any to this list please post in here.