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Community Services This is an option available from the start of your character for all characters. However, how many of the community service you are able to unlock depends on the amount of legit experience you gain/have. There is also an option to do out of town community services which set your timer to every 10 minutes instead of the standard 20 with normal CS. Although you can only achieve the out of town CS above tier 1 promotion levels in careers. Community service competitions are often ran in the bar when there is a mayor present in city as this increases funds. Doing CS can also help you with decreasing or removing all gangster/crime experience and being able to return to legit if needed.

Scraping up gum off pavements

Cleaning up tags

Gardening in the local park

Pedestrian controller at a local school

Delivering pamphlets for your local mayor

Delivering groceries to little old ladies

Coaching a little league football club

Helping police as a suspect in a police line up

Reading books to the elderly in a retirement village