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About the Police Department career

The police department is regarded as one of the most powerful careers, and one of the most fun! Being an officer, you can solve all reported crimes within your city, and send them off to the judges. Traditionally, Auth is required for PD because of its abilities to frame people and so much more, so we recommend that you go and check your local bar for information on applying for this coveted position.

Police Department Earns


Do Paper Work

Arrest Criminals

Assign Duties


Constable is the first rank in your Police Career! Being a Constable grants you very little power over cases, so you are unable to do most of them, and are limited to Pickpocket cases, Torching cases, Hacking cases, Mugging cases, and GTA cases.

As a Constable, you are able to train in to various divisions in your career (See Below) so you may do extra duties, and you also have special Police Duties (See Below) which can be preformed.


Being a Sergeant is just like being a Constable, because you can't do any extra cases other than the ones you could at Constable! However, with your new promotion, comes a shiny new pistol for you to enjoy, as a thank you for your services and hard work towards your Police Department!

Senior Sergeant

Senior Sergeant.gif
You are now at the Senior Sergeant rank... With your experience you have been granted extra police capabilities, Which means you are now able to close ALL types of cases within your city, except the whacking cases... They are too advanced for your rank. But however, if you are ready for this promotion and do not see the promo screen pop up, this is because from now on, From Senior Sergeant to Detective, you must be promoted by your Police Commissioner!


Detective... So close to the top notch of the police department... The Commissioner! Being a Detective lets you do all the cases that a Senior Sergeant can so, However... with your time served in the police department, and your experience, you are now eligible to close any whacking cases that may occur in your city.


Police Commissioner... The top notch!! Being a Police Commissioner (Or a Commish) is the highest rank in the police force, And a symbol of power in your city! As police commish, you may now manage your police force! You can promote the police, demote them, and even fire them if needs be. You should follow city leaderships rules on this, as if you fire someone without first speaking with them you may find yourself fired, or even shot. As you are the top rank in your career, you gain 1% respect per day if you have at least 3 cops under you.

Police Departments

While in police, even if you are only a Constable, you can train for different departments. You can only be in one division at time. SWAT will give you a shotgun and power to whack people who are offline. Also if there will be a bank robbery in your city while you are online, you will have to decide if you shoot at bank robber or not. Shooting will get one of them most likely killed (and then you can be killed for it…). If you don't shoot, you will be thrown out. When you join The Dog Squad you will get German Shepard, which can give you some protection against some GBH's and aggs by defending you from your attacker. Internal Affairs will let you be able to take care of rare situations when some player demands investigation into the conduct of a Police Officer. You can't process with your own internal affairs case, and if you have such a case you can't perform your duties as policeman nor solve any cases. Forensics Department will give you a possibility to investigate cases and often get some evidence which can't be found out any other way. You gain “Investigate a police case you have open” in the Police duties menu and it requires a free action timer, but for Forensics, you will need a Science Degree from the university.

Police Duties

Police duties can be done once every 20 minutes (action timer) and help you rank up. Buying donuts is only duty which doesn’t interact with another players and can be used safely. Prison Roll Call duty arrests a criminal who recently escaped from jail, Prison Cell Search searches a players jail cell for contraband, Make an Arrest arrests anyone you choose with outstanding warrants, Drug Bust checks if player has drugs on him and confiscates them, Tax Evasion Investigation searches players for dirty cash and puts it to into the city funds. Usually you need player permission to perform any other than Buying donuts duty to not get yourself into trouble.

Police Cases

Police menu - >Unassigned Cases Choose a case to open(you can see Unassigned Cases page only once every 30 seconds). You may solve a case every 3 minutes, and what case you may work on depends on your rank. Most Commissioners post local PD rules at Police -> Interpol topic, so you can get an idea on what cases you may solve. There are both easy and complicated cases to solve. If you find the correct suspect, you will be paid a bonus. If you get the wrong person convicted, you will not get a bonus, and you may find yourself in trouble with the player and their friends.

Solving Police Cases

How to solve the case? Here we go:

Read the victim statement and possible witness statement.

It can give you few last letters of suspect name or even full name, or sometimes few letters and clothes suspect was wearing at the time of crime. If you have some letters, search the phone book for matching names. If there is more than one, be sure to check if their last online time wasn't before crime happened. If you are given only witness statement… you cannot proceed with your case. You can try and ask victim to report as well, but if they don’t, you wont be able to close the case.

Travel evidence

You always have to add it to case evidences to be able to close any case. Just look for suspect name there, and if you have few possible suspects names usually the one whos name is shown there made the crime rather than one who is not there.


Even if you are sure who did the crime already, always search for DNA and dust for fingerprints, so the police database can expand. With fingerprints, if you are successful in searching, just go to “Gather evidence”, then search database and add the result to the case evidence. With DNA you need to send sample and hospital employee has to analyze it (they will see a DNA request on the Hospital screen in the City Menu). When you have journal saying that sample came back from hospital, you go through the same process as with finger prints.

911 and 911 Interpol topic

The 911 Menu shows you Emergency Calls at time the crime is committed in the city. Check Emergency Calls as often as you can and post results in Interpol in your city 911 topic. Remember that it can be seen only once, so copy 911 info as soon as possible, otherwise you will lose it. Add the local online players list under 911 info to make it more helpful for yourself, and other officers. Then, when you have no clue who to put as a suspect in case, go to Interpol and search in your city 911 topic. If you are working as a team in your local PD, you will most likely find some letters, on the players online list from around the time of the crime.


If you did all above and you still don’t know who committed the crime, you need to use the forensics skill. If you are not in this police division, usually you are expected to put in case notes “forensics needed”, so other officers can solve the case correctly.

When you are done with those steps, put the suspect name in the case and close it to send it to a judge. Remember also that you can add comments to the case notes, visible to a judge. So don’t hesitate to put there some of your conclusions. When you cant solve the case or you want to take care of it later, you can always Return the case to Unassigned Case list. Sometimes, for example when you have no victim statement from mugging case and victim is already dead, or just your boss says you to do so, you need to Bury case, so it will never show up again.

Whacking Cases

You can see these if you are a Detective or Commissioner, but usually it is reserved for the Commish by city leaders to solve or even look into them. In whacking cases you are able also to find a ballistic evidence, but keep in mind it will use your action timer. If a weapon used for crime was registered, you can then find out who it was, given they did not resell the weapon. Aside from forensics, handle these cases according to city rules.

Death Sentence Cases

Death Sentence, or "DS" cases are specific whacking cases, where the victim was a judge, police officer or mayor. Those are important, and are treated differently than other cases. You will see if it is DS case upon opening it. What is so different? Returning DS case you will make you lose 5% of your respect each time you return it! If you Bury it, you will be demoted. You cannot frame them.

Framing Cases

Is the act of putting the incorrect suspect on a case. You can do it accidentally or on purpose. If you do it accidentally… try not to do so again, or you may wind up fired, GBH'd, or killed! But sometimes you're framing cases on purpose, on city leader request or when case is unable to be solved. Sometimes there are very strict rules about what case you may frame and what to put in the case notes. Check the PD rules at the local bar or interpol thread.

911 Tips

Check Emergency Calls as often as you can and post results in Interpol in your respective cities 911 topic found in "Interpol". Remember that you can see it only once, so you should copy the info as soon as you see it so it is not lost. It is preferred that you do so at least every hour. On top of this, you should always, ALWAYS, include a list of the users online in the city at the time you paste the information into the 911 interpol thread. Do NOT put who you believe did it beside the names, the full online list only. Some judges like to know who all was around at the time, in order for them to make a judgment concerning each case. 911 reports are extremely important as it helps everyone. Below is the standard procedure for posting 911...

1. Change the "Players Online List" to the Local list

2. Click on "Emergency Call Register"

3. Copy all of the "events" in the 911 menu, unless they say "escaped"

4. Click on the interpol tab and select your city's thread

5. Select "Post Reply" And paste the 911 you previously copied

6. Copy the online city listing (Local only) and paste that below the pasted 911

7. Then hit the "Post reply button" again.