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In MafiaMatrix there are many weapons that you have access to ranging from your own hands to a shiny grenade. Different weapons have different strengths, weaknesses and prices. Weapons are an essential part of being a gangster and can help you if they are not abused, so be careful.

You can carry 2 weapons at once.

Body Armour

Stab Proof Vest

Shop Price: $2,000

[Can take 5 hits, minuscule damage reduction]

Stab Proof Vest.gif

The stab proof vest assists in preventing damage to the chest or back by sharp implements. It has little bullet stopping power, but is useful for hand to hand and small arms combat.

Protection Vest

Shop Price: $5,000

[Can take 7 shots, slightly reduces damage]

{Protection Vests are kewl.}

Kevlar Plated Bullet Proof Vest

Shop Price: $10,000

[Can take 3 shots, greatly reduces damage]

Kevlar Bullet Proof Vest.gif

The Kevlar plated armour is widely used as protection from bullets, explosives and melee attacks for personnel. The armour is slightly heavy, with kevlar plates built inside the vest. This vest has a lot of stopping power.

GBH Weapons

Baseball Bat

Uses: 30

Shop Price: $2,000

Baseball bat.gif

Baseball Bats are extremely cheap in the MM weapon shop. This weapon can be used to GBH another player knocking them out for two hours or used to whack them. Be careful though, an unauthorized swing of the baseball bat could mean a trip to the hospital for you, yourself. This weapon leaves no forensic evidence for the Police.


Uses: 30

Shop Price: $5,000


You can purchase pistols in the weapon shops. This weapon can be used to GBH another player causing injury and lowering their health or to whack them completely. You can also receive a pistol when you become a Sergeant in the Police Department.

Taser Gun

Shop Price: Can only be attained through Customs and is not available in weapon shops.


You will receive the taser gun upon completion of the firearms investigation division. It has the following effect on its victims. The victim of this GBH weapon will be unable to use their communication system for 2 hours. This means no reading or sending messages. Their action timer will be set to 30 minutes. Taser Guns do not care for nub pro, so you can GBH players using this weapon regardless of how old their character is.

Whacking Weapons


Uses: 20

Shop Price: $15,000

[Extra chance hit]


Shotguns have a much stronger chance of success when attempting to whack rather than a pistol or baseball bat. It is used more commonly than an assault rifle due to its "extra chance hit" buff. You can either purchase a shotgun at a Weapons Shop or by having your pistol on hand when you join the SWAT team.

Assault Rifle

Uses: 25

Shop Price: Only available through the Army Rifleman training

[Double damage to armor]

Assault rifle.gif

The Assault Rifle is one of the least favored weapons. It does however do double damage to armor making it easier to get more damage out of a person then next time by damaging their armor.

Hand Grenade

Uses: 1

Shop Price: $10,000

[One use only, High damage]

Hand grenade.gif

The hand grenade is a high damage weapon, however it can only be used once. Ever heard of a reusable grenade? I didn't think so.

Sniper Rifle

Uses: 15

Shop Price: $40,000

Sniper Rifle.gif

Rail Gun

Uses: 15

Shop Price: $50,000

[High damage]

Rail gun.gif

Rare and powerful, this machine will turn any victim into swiss cheese. The rail gun is said to be the least favored among the Top Guns, however, it still packs a bigger punch than the Shotgun or Assault Rifle.

This gun is only available in Hong Kong.

Plasma Rifle

Uses: 15

Shop Price: $50,000

[High damage]

Plasma rifle.gif

Rare and powerful, this weapon will vaporize any victim, leaving little for the PD to deal with! As one of the Top Guns in the game, the Plasma Rifle is known as the Best of the Best.

This gun is only available in London.

Omega Death Laser

Uses: 15

Shop Price: $50,000

[High damage]

Omega death laser.gif

Rare and powerful, this weapon will not only vaporize its victim, it will probably destroy the area around them. I mean come'on, Omega Death Laser - It doesn't get any more destructive than that!

This gun is only available in Hong Kong.