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Some careers, promotions, or divisions require authorization (commonly known as "auth") to join. This is NOT a game required function, but it IS a player required function. If you join (or take) a career, promotion, or division that requires authorization without it, you will most likely be batted and/or shot by one of numerous players. While each city has different authorized positions and different requirements for authorization, the following list is the most common.

Authorized Positions

Police Department (Just to Join)
Police Department Explosives Division and/or SWAT Division
Police Department Commissioner

Judge (You can do Legal Secretary and Lawyer without auth though)
In some cities, Supreme Court Judge is authed as well


Army Commander
Army Explosives Division and/or Army Rifleman Division

Authorization Requirements

While requirements vary from city to city and for the position, but this is a general guideline to follow.

Two top jobs in the city and on the current character
Being active
Don't do anything stupid
Get on Discord
Stay in the city after you get done with the auth'ed career<
Apply for auth in the appropriate forum in the bar

How to get Authorization

1. Follow all city rules
2. Get on Discord and get to know the city leaders
3. Check the local bar for the authorization requirements
4. Meet the requirements
5. Apply in the bar thread
6. Do whatever the city leader tells you to do (join, do 14 trains and stop, etc, etc)

This list is just a general list, and each city may have different authorized positions and/or requirements. Check the bar in your city. There will be different threads for each authorized position ("Police Auth", "Judge Auth", etc, etc). In that thread, all of the requirements will be listed, and that is where you would apply for authorization.


When there is a war or someone is on a rampage the city leaders might decide to put the city in a lockdown mode. You can usually tell this by looking in the bar for a lockdown thread. Just like authorization, this is NOT a game required function, but a player enforced one. So what should you do when you unknowingly travel into a city that is in lockdown?

How to act in a locked down city

1. Look for the lockdown thread
2. If there is instructions in the thread how to behave, follow them
3. If no instructions, post in the thread that you are leaving and log off until you can travel out

Pay Back

What is pay back?

Pay back (PB) is committing an aggravated crime (such as a pickpocket) on someone and then sending them the money back. For example, if I pick pocket Gunny for 810818 dollars, I would send him back 810818 dollars. NOTE: When you commit an aggravated crime (commonly referred to as "agging" someone), you will get DIRTY CASH. You need to have CLEAN CASH in order to pay back, as it is not a game feature. It's a player feature that's common courtesy. The act of paying someone back involves bank transfers, which brings me to the next sub section:

How to pay back (PB) an aggravated crime (agg)

1. Commit the crime.
2. Check the amount of money that you stole in the success menu. It's a little green bar that says "You pick pocketed Gunny for 810818 dollars!!"
3. Remember (or write down or copy and paste) the number from the success menu.
4. Transfer the amount back to the player you stole it from just like a normal transfer via either the bank menu or else the quick transfer option on the person's profile.