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>> MafiaMatrix Official Radio has been closed until further notice. <<

MafiaMatrix Official Radio, created by Cornflake and Xonic, is an internet-based radio station for MafiaMatrix that gives gamers added entertainment through listening to their favourite music and participating in competitions whilst playing the game.

Tune In

Gamers can tune into the radio by going to our website and selecting their preferred method. These include winamp, windows media player, real player and quicktime. You are also able to send in requests either through the website, IRC or in-game to the presenter on air.

Show features

Competitions are held on a regular basis and are a big feature of our shows. Our main prizes are DM and in-game currency. We also use custom pets as prizes but because these are rare we only give away very few per month. Prizes for competitions are donated by players and are not funded by in-game Administrators.

Players can also use the radio for advertising in-game businesses and player services such as lawyer representations and laundering. This is usually provided free of charge but donations are welcome to use as prizes.

Radio Staff


Presenters play music on air and run competitions. They are regular game players.

MM Radio accepts any player to be a presenter as long as they have a working microphone and feel happy with speaking on air. They need to have a good selection of music so that they can play a majority of requested songs by players. To become a presenter please contact Xonic.

You will need to download a piece of software called SAM Broadcaster (search sambc-up.exe in to Google). You then enter our server details and are given a guide on logins to various websites such as our MM Radio email account and server controls.