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Jail Ranks












While doing earns you may find things such as cigs or porn to help you pass the time while in jail.

Laundry Work

Kitchen Hand


Make Shank

This earn has a 4 minute earn timer but do it long enough (in one jail visit) and you will make shank, allowing you to try to whack your fellow inmates.

Dig Tunnel

Repeating this earn enough times in one stay will allow you to be able to dig out of jail! This uses a 6 minute earn timer.

"Aggravated Crimes"

Work Out

10 minute agg timer.


20 minute agg timer.

Pinch Smokes

30 minute agg timer.

Stealing contraband

30 minute agg timer.

Walk the dogs

30 minute agg timer. WARNING: This is a GBH!

Sending messages

...will also use the agg timer taking 15 minutes.

Jail Time:

This can be seen under the timers.
It can be reduced by:

Get blazed

heroin shot takes 20 minutes. However this is dangerous and should only be done in emergencies.

Drink Booze

Drinking whiskey takes 4 minutes

Smoke Cigarettes

No need to explain takes 3 minutes.

Read Porn

No need to explain takes 4 minutes.

Taking Contraband, gambling and trading Contraband is done via the case timer and can be performed every 3 minutes.

Taking Heroin can resolve in an overdose and KILL YOU
Rioting will get you killed by city leader for messing up PD


Bubba is quite good at this game but if you win you double your bet.

The Parole Board

You can appeal to the parole board after serving half of your sentence. However if you have had a failed jail break, been caught by the cops after breaking out, have been found with contraband, or have GBH'd or shanked an inmate you will not be eligible for parole.
Parole must be approved by both a police officer of the city you are jailed in AND a legit with zero convictions.