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This page is no longer updated as we no longer use IRC.

IRC Commands

NickServ Commands

Changing your name

/nick [name]

Registering a name

/ns REGISTER [password] [email]

Identifying your name

/ns identify [password]

Changing your password

/ns set password [password]

Grouping Multiple names to one password

/ns group [main name] [password]

Finding out all the names within your group

/ns glist

Dropping a name within your group

/ns DROP [nickname]

ChanServ Commands

Joining a Channel

/join #channel

Leaving a Channel

/part #channel

Registering a Channel

/cs REGISTER #channel [channel password] [channel description]

Changing the channel password

/cs set #channel password [password]

Giving/removing auto voice (+)

/cs vop #channel add/del [nick]

Giving/removing auto half-op (%)

/cs hop #channel add/del [nick]

Giving/removing auto op (@)

/cs aop #channel add/del [nick]

Giving/removing auto protection/admin (&)

/cs sop #channel add/del [nick]

Unregistering a Channel

/cs DROP #channel

BotServ Commands

Bot List


Add Bot to a channel

/bs ASSIGN #channel [bot nick]

Remove bot from channel

/bs UNASSIGN #channel

Add a bad word to a channel

/bs BADWORDS channel ADD [word]

remove a bad word from a channel

/bs BADWORDS channel DEL [word]

list all bad words in a channel

/bs BADWORDS #channel LIST

remove all bad words from a channel

/bs BADWORDS #channel CLEAR

MemoServ Commands

Send a Memo to a player or Channel

/ms SEND [nick/channel] memo-text

this command will send a memo the indicated person or channel. The person sending and receiving the memo must be registered. You can also send memos to registered channels.