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Creating a character

In order to play in the world of MafiaMatrix - you must first create an account with us that will hold your characters. This account costs nothing to create, and will be yours for the rest of the time you play MafiaMatrix. Your account can earn special awards throughout the time you play.

Choosing a name

This is the nickname that your character will be known by in game. This can only be changed later through the use of the donations feature.


Would you like your character to be male or female? Assigning your sex one or the other can determine how other characters interact with you. This can be changed later anytime by undergoing sex change surgery at the local hospital.


Choosing a home city to start off with can make a difference in your game play at first due to the availability of different goods and services that are available. If you were referred by someone, you may wish to ask them for a good place to start off, or start where they are as this will help them keep in contact with you and help to grow your character. You can change your home city at any point by purchasing an apartment in the city you wish to move to. Each city has its own set of rules to follow which are created by the city leaders; they will be posted in the ‘Bar’ of each city. A full list of goods and services can be found on the ‘Cities’ page.


You will be offered the choice of 5 different degrees. These degrees will determine which job will become instantly available for you to start working into once your character is created alongside earns which are always unlocked. Law – Unlocks earns for the’ Law’ career path. Medicine – Unlocks earns for the ‘Hospital’ career path. Science – Unlocks earns for the ‘Mortician’ career path. Engineering – Unlocks earns for the ‘Engineering’ career path. Business – Unlocks earns for the ‘Bank’ career path. You can visit the university to complete studies for the degrees you did not select at character creation. If you wish to turn to the life of crime and are looking for a head start, there is also an option for ‘Gangster’ in the degrees dropdown box, which cannot be studied at the local university. You can learn more about the all of the jobs in Mafia Matrix in the jobs section.

You made it the big city, ready to start off a new life using that degree you just earned at the local University. You need some income, but how are you going to get it?

Making Money

There are many different ways to make money, earning being the easiest and most reliable way. There are also other options that include doing aggravated crimes, working specific skills through your job, buying and selling on the Black Market, selling drugs, competing in competitions and even buying and owning your own businesses.


This is the most basic form of ranking through jobs and making money. Starting off you will have only a few options of how to earn, but there will be more to come as you progress. To get to your earns, click on the Income button on the left side of your screen, then on the Earns drop down. Here you will find all of the earns that are currently available to you. Pizza Restaurant, Local 7/11, and Bar/Nightclub will be there for you no matter which degree you start off with. The 4th earn that will be available will depend on which degree you chose. As you progress through your career, more earns will become available to you. How to progress through the individual careers will be explained on the corresponding pages.


Here is a brief overview of what each job entails, you can find more detailed information on the pages related to each of the professions:

Hospital – While you work at the local hospital, you will face many tasks such as performing surgery, curing illness and assisting the local police force with forensic evidence for their cases.

Mortician – As you progress through this career, your duties will involve completing autopsies and smuggling drugs for the local crime syndicates.

Engineer – As an engineer, your duties are to build residents apartments, repair damaged businesses, build crew fronts for the local crime syndicates as well as service other players vehicles.

Bank – Whilst part of the bank career path, you will be tasked with approving bank loans and laundering the dirty money of other players.

Fire – In the fire department you are responsible to manage the cities fires. You are responsible to put out fires when they are reported as well as assisting the police in their arson cases. You will need to train at the local ‘Fire Service Recruitment Center’ to join the Fire Department.

Customs - Customs patrol the city borders to catch aliens, drug runners and fleeing criminals. You will need to train at the local ‘Customs Training Center’ to join the customs patrol.

Armed Forces - Strongly recommended to new players, the ranks are somewhat easy to surpass. There are skills you can train into while part of the army however they may require Auth from the city leaders. You will need to train at the local ‘Army Recruitment Center’ to join the army.

Police (Requires Auth) – The police department is regarded as one of the most powerful careers, and arguably one of the most fun! Being an officer, you can solve all reported crimes within your city, and send them off to the judges.

Law (Requires Auth after Lawyer) – As a lawyer you can represent players in cases where they’ve commited crimes, but as a judge, you sentence them. You will also have to determine whether or not the police have right suspect!

Mayor (Requires Auth) - The Mayor career is considered by some the best legit career in MafiaMatrix. As a Mayor you are responsible for managing and balancing the city budget, and deciding which criminals deserve pardons and conviction wipes.

Criminal - It is preferred not to choose this career unless you have tried at least 1-2 other careers, there is a high risk of being killed, however if you choose to survive, it will take a while to get to Piciotto, you will begin understanding the game in a higher perspective once you reach the rank of Capo, soon enough you'll be the Boss, and a highly respected city bold.


The one thing you should avoid mostly as a new player would be conflict, regardless of your chances of victoriously killing your enemy, It is best to start off quiet, and out of attention until you get some experience under your belt, otherwise you will end up dead (and I mean dead) like many others who never follow this tip. Friendship is one of the keys to success in this MMORPG, take advantage of it. If you can, try editing your quote in a way which you inform everyone of what is necessary, for example, instead of putting "Payback, or i'll shoot you." try putting "Please payback, thank you." Most players in MM will understand you may want your money back. It is best to keep things simple. Not only will it help you survive, but it really helps when quotes with threats of whacking usually are followed once you reach a high criminal rank like Capodecima or Boss, simply because at this point you run a crew with very powerful people (your godfather, your family don, and who can forget, your crew men).