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Note: Over the next few weeks this page will be updated to the new drug system. - Knight

Working the Drug House

Once you attain a science degree and the rank of dealer or higher, you may now work a job at the local drug house. You may do this once every 20 minutes and at first you will only create 3 units. After 10 'works' you will create 5 units, 8 units after 20 works, 10 after 50 and so on. Once you work at the drug house 1000 times you will be awarded a medal for your profile, 'Max Drugs'.

Buying Drugs

As a Dealer, you will be able to purchase drugs from any player which has the rank of Sgarrista or higher. A recommended way of getting drugs from these made men is to check their quotes to see if they are selling drugs in your city. If they are, feel free to message them with a request to add you as a drug contact. Once this is done you may go to the drugs panel located in income and buy as many as you can afford or carry. The amount of units you may carry at one time depends on your rank and the vehicle you have. Once you have drugs on hand you may either sell them to players for some profit, stash them in your apartment, or get rid of them by dumping them. If you happen to travel with drugs on you without a blind eye, you may find yourself in jail, and your drugs confiscated. The drug runner trait not only applies to drug works but will also apply here and allow you to sell more drugs at a time to players.

Selling Drugs

So you have reached the rank of Sgarrista. Congratulations! You may now sell drugs to players ranked Piciotto or lower. In order to do so, you need to buy drugs from your city's drug house. You may find this under the drug tab on the income page. Once you have purchased your drugs and are ready to sell them, you must find willing buyers and add them to your contacts list via the Manage Contacts menu. From there it is up to them to buy them. You may also adjust the prices at which you sell your drugs on this page.

Growing Marijuana and Cooking Up Some P

Once you have attained marijuana or pseudoephedrine, and have obtained a business or science degree, you may now grow marijuana or cook up some P. In order to grow some weed you must stash the weed in your apartment, and water the plants to make them flourish. Cooking up some P is quite simple, all you must do is have some pseudoephedrine and attempt the crime found under the Aggravated crimes page.

Consumable Drugs

Now by this point, you may wonder what the effects of the consumable drugs that Pics and lower sell are. You may get to your drug stash if you own a house by going to your profile page and entering your house. You should then see a Consumable drugs button. There you will see all of the drugs you have purchased for consumption. Each unit will reduce a timer by three minutes.

The effects of said drugs are as follows:

Marijuana - Case timer

Ecstasy - Launder timer

Acid - Travel timer

Speed - Whack timer

Ice - Skill timer

Heroin - Action timer

Coke - Earn timer