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The simple truth is, MafiaMatrix costs the Administrators a lot of time and more importantly money - to run. Don't get us wrong, we aren't complaining - it's fun... but it is also a lot of hard work. And with ever increasing user numbers our server/bandwidth is getting more and more expensive. So if you've played MafiaMatrix for a while - or simply think its great - donate and show your respect and help keep it alive!

Donation Money

Donation Money or DM is what you get after donating to MafiaMatrix or voting on banners. You can view your donation money balance at the Donation Page. You can convert the Donation Money to In-Game money via Money-Market or selling it to the other players. Sometimes players asks for DM in exchange for their business, weapons, bionics etc. You should remember that MafiaMatrix do not support the DM payment for the purpose of buying any commodity, and thus if you get scammed, you won't get your money back. However the scammer will be Admin-whacked.

Donation Features

You can buy certain in-game features using your Donation Money, which are mentioned below:

Remove Google Advertising

This will remove Google advertising from the game while you play. This will cost you $2.00 per month.

Profile Picture

This will allow you to have a custom picture in your profile rather than the default image of your occupation. You can change the picture as often as you desire during the active period. This will cost you $1.50 per month.

Delete Character Credits

For each credit you will be able to delete one of your old dead characters and reuse its name. You will not get any of your old money or stats however. This will cost you $2.50 per credit.

Character Tag Changes

For each credit you will be able to change the tag (50 characters) in your characters profile. A tag is the coloured writing at the top of your characters profile. Two credits will get you a longer tag (100 characters) in the colour of your choice. This will cost you $1.00 for each tag change. NOTE: If your character dies the tag will be lost with it.

Custom Quote Backgrounds

Custom quote background credits are a currency to buy custom quote backgrounds with. Every quote background has a price in credits attached to it. This will cost you $2.00 for each credit. NOTE: If your character dies the quote background will be lost with it.

Advanced Quote

Get 2000 characters for your quote rather than 500 and be able to format it with different fonts, bold, italic, smilies and more. This will cost you $1.50 per month.

Multi Coloured Buddies

Multiple colours to select for your buddies. Have one colour for enemies, one for friends, one for your crew etc. This will cost you $2.00 per month.

Super Buddies

Your own personalised buddy list in a box on the right hand side of every page. It shows when your mates (or enemies) come online and when they were last active. You can quick link to their profile and they will be coloured if you have the multi-coloured buddies option. This will cost you $2.00 per month.

Character History

Character History. Want to see what your character has done to date? How many earns, how many aggs and when you were promoted? It's not your actual player stats but it saves you trying to count up everything you have done in the game. This will cost you $2.00 per month.

Change Character Name

Tired of having the same old name? Or maybe you are going into or coming out of hiding? You can change your character name here, but be warned that any messages you sent to people, posts in the bars etc will all be changed as well so it will be pretty obvious to most players that you have changed your name. This will cost you $5.00 per edit.

Personal Forum

Set up your own forum and manage the rights of the people who can see and moderate it.