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TeamSpeak is a voice communication program that allows users to communicate with each other using a microphone and speakers; or, as most people will have it, a headset.

TeamSpeak 3 also comes with a whole heap of cool tools like:

• Private Messages

• 3D Sound

• File Sharing

• Admin Features

• Poke People like Roger

• Complain about a player


TeamSpeak can be downloaded from http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads


Run TeamSpeak 3 and a new window will pop up, click Connections up the top left of this window then click Connect.

Fill in the following information:

Address = mafiamatrix.com

Port = 9987

Nickname = Your chosen name (for example I use Slusher)

Click Connect

Setting up your microphone and speakers Click Settings then click Setup Wizard and follow the step by step guide to setting everything up.

You should now be ready to go with TeamSpeak 3


How do I kick someone?

Only the Admin's can kick and ban players from the server

Who are the Admin's ?

Croot, Roger, Mookota, Epico, Djulio, Knight and Slusher are Super Admins who are able to kick from the server as well as channels.

How do I join a channel ?

To join a channel you just double left-click on the channel, you wish to join

It is asking me for a channel password - what does this mean ?

This means that the channel you are trying to join has a password on it and is a private channel. If it is Admin channel, you will not be given the password. If it is one of the channels, you think, you should have the password to, please, contact the channel owner (their name will be in the channel description).

How do I create my own channel

Right-click on any channel and click Create Channel enter your channel name and a password, if you want it. Once you create your channel, it is only a temporary channel and as soon, as its empty, it will be automatically removed.

Crew Channels

If you are a Crew Leader or a City Leader you can ask the Admin's to create you a permanent channel for example:

Crew Leader 1 wants a CrewName channel - we will create this channel for him and put the password on it, that he requests. His name will be put in the channel description and people he wants to join that channel, will be given the password by him. Admin's will not give you any channel passwords!

• Please note that users inside a crew channel will be invisible to anyone who is not subscribed to that channel.

Other Information

Do not use Voice Activation or Continuous Speech features as it will annoy other users on the server. So please only use Push to Talk. If you are having any troubles setting up your settings, Ask a user who is online on the TeamSpeak Server or an Admin.

If you have any further questions or need help, please, contact an Admin.