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This is the current list of cities along with all the business they contain. Cities and businesses are subject to change due to player demand, so be sure to check back frequently for updates. Note that this is just a list of the cities and businesses in the game. If you are looking for a comprehensive list of what each business is or does, be sure to check out the businesses page.

Businesses In All Cities

Unless noted otherwise, the following businesses can be found in all cities in the game.

1. Airport
2. Bank
3. Bar
4. Construction Company
5. Drug House
6. Funeral Parlor
7. Hospital
8. Police Station
9. Population Listing
10. Local Crime Family Listing
11. Phone Book
12. Yellow Pages
13. Police Recruitment Office
14. Customs training center
15. Army Recruiting Center
16. University
17. Money Market


1. Bionics
2. Boxing
3. Dog Pound
4. Old Trafford
5. Parking Lot
6. Vehicle Yard


1. Brothel
2. Casino
3. Dog Pound
4. Dog Training School
5. Weapon Shop

Rio De Janeiro

1. Drug Store
2. Hotel
3. Tattoo Parlour
4. Underground Auctions
5. Weapon Shop


1. Bionics
2. Clothing Shop
3. Dog Fights
4. Gym
5. Vehicle Yard