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All unlocked badges and the respective badge descriptions will be shown here as well as the number of badges yet to be unlocked in that category.


  • Still getting started "Be nice to *insert name*, (He/She)'s just starting up and learning the ropes."
  • 1,000 earns "I remember being as new as *insert name*, then again I also remember nobody caring. Guess some things never change."
  • 2,000 earns "So *insert name* has a couple thousand earns... I eat nails for breakfast, do you see me bragging about it?"
  • 5,000 earns "With this kind of game knowledge *insert name* could definitely show up a small child."
  • 10,000 earns "*insert name* has now learned enough to not be a n00b anymore, doesn't mean we still can't treat Him/Her like one."
  • 20,000 earns "*insert name* has been out of any source of natural light for so long they get moon burns."
  • 50,000 earns "Few people have accomplished what *insert name* has, (He/She) is truly among the elite in MafiaMatrix."
  • 75,000 earns "If they gave out a masters degree for MafiaMatrix, *insert name* would have graduated and be teaching (His/Hers) own class by now."
  • 100,000 earns "Some people quit and some people retire, however people like *insert name* keep going for the sole purpose of giving Croot more work to do."
  • 150,000 earns "The addiction has set in. *insert name* has an unexplainable lust for clicking earns."
  • 200,000 earns "If I had a gold star for every earn *insert name* has done, I could make an entire kindergarten class envious."
  • 250,000 earns "*insert name*'s mother is still hoping for the day (He/She) will move out of the basement."
  • 300,000 earns "For *insert name*, MafiaMatrix can qualify as a daytime job. Or maybe a night time job. Nope, it's an everytime job."

Whacks Survived

  • No survived whacks! "*insert name* either has never gotten into a fight, or needs to take some self defense classes."
  • 1-9 survived whacks! "*insert name* has just announced (His/Hers) new rap single "I got shot # times"; will be hitting the shelves soon. What did we do wrong to deserve this?"
  • 10-49 survived whacks! "With so many visits to the hospital *insert name* thought it would be a good idea to invest some money into it."
  • 50-99 survived whacks! "Did it ever occur to *insert name* to maybe try to be a little bit nicer?"
  • 100-149 survived whacks! "At this point *insert name* has found themselves hooked on morphine."

Drug Badge

    • No drug production medals! "*insert name* has never produced a large quantity of drugs in a drug house. They bring shame to the criminal world!"
    • 1 max drugs produced! "*insert name* has helped the drug trade of MafiaMatrix flourish by reaching the maximum production level (badge #) times!"
    • 2 max drugs produced! "*insert name* better be careful not to dip their hands in their own product, before (he/she) ends up like the junkies (he/she) makes the drugs for in the first place!"
    • 3 max drugs produced! "*insert name* has handled more needles than a medical clinic."
    • 4 max drugs produced! "With the number of people *insert name* has gotten hooked, they made a rehab center in their name."
    • 5 max drugs produced! "*insert name* once built a 30ft snowman out of pure cocaine... Then snorted it!"