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Now when it comes to your quote or the forums, you may have noticed certain players made their posts more prettier than others. Here are the codes in order to do so.

Note: In order to use BBCode for your quote, you need to purchase Advanced Quotes in your Donations page

The List:

[b] This is bold text [/b]

[u] I am underlined! [/u]

[i] Italics anyone? [/i]

[s] Strike-through! [/s]

[cen] This text is centered [/cen]

[left] This text is aligned left [/left]

[right] This text is aligned right [/right]

[justify] This text is justified [/justify]

[player=Roger] This is a link to Roger's profile [/player]

[color=white] This is white text [/color]

[color=#ff7f00] This is orange text [/color]

[size=20] This is pretty damn big text [/size]

[quote=Croot] This is a quote from Croot [/quote]

[ var ] This is text with all capitals letters [ /var ]

Update (5/12/2009 1:18:29 AM):

[cen], [left] and [right] tags should always be on the outside of all other elements.

For example, instead of doing this:

[color=red][cen]This is centered red text[/cen][/color]

Do this:

[cen][color=red]This is centered red text[/color][/cen]

While it may sometimes work, [cen], [left] and [right] being between 'inline' tags such as color, bold and underline tags will mostly give problems - especially when you're making a more advanced quote..

Update: Added some more advanced things:

[bgcolor=red] This text has a red background colour. [/bgcolor]

[bgcolor=#ff7f00] This text has an orange background colour. [/bgcolor]

[width=200] This is a block element width a set width* [/width]

[font=Arial] This text has the arial font [/font]

Note that the [width] element is probably best understood by users who know their HTML and CSS. It is basically a 'block' with a set width on it. For example, if you want text to not stretch the entire width of your quote, you can put it between [width=300] [/width] tags to make it cover only 300 pixels of your quote's width. It can also be used to put text in columns in your quote. For example, suppose the quote area's width is 500 pixels total. You could make a 3-column layout in it by having three width elements with a width of 166 next to each other.

We will likely add more options in the future. Note that not all of these work in the forums, they do however all work in quotes.