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Vehicle Yards are located in Auckland, New York and Manchester.

If your vehicle breaks down, you can get it fixed at the local vehicle yard by someone in the engineering career.

Sirius Beamer

Shop Price = $10,000

Carrying Bonus: 15 Units

Sirius Beamer.gif

Electra Midi

Shop Price = $15,000

Carrying Bonus: 20 Units

Electra Midi.gif

Scorpii Loader

Shop Price = $20,000

Carrying Bonus: 25 Units

Scorpii Loader.gif

Nekkar Flyer

Carrying Bonus: 35 Units

Shop Price = $30,000

Nekkar Flyer.gif

Solaris Transporter

Carrying Bonus: 45 Units

Shop Price = $40,000

Solaris Transporter.gif

Galaxy King Transporter

Shop Price = $50,000

Carrying Bonus: 60 Units

Galaxy King Transporter.gif


Shop Price = $100,000

Carrying Bonus: 80 Units (A Brahma reduces travel timer by 3 minutes when used. The reduction is also stacked with the traveling trait.)