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Welcome to the MafiaMatrix FAQ. In this section, we hope to cover some Frequently Asked Questions. Here you`ll find the answers to the most common questions in MafiaMatrix, however, if you feel something is missing, or something could be expanded upon, feel free to contact us. If your looking for a particular phrase, then use CRTL + F, which is a "find" option, to look for the specific phrase you`re after.

Q: I have a question - where do I ask it?

A: If you have a question, the best place to look in first would be the Change Log. The change log can be very helpful if you`re having trouble with something that has recently changed for you - especially for ex-Injustice players. If you are unable to locate the answer in the change log, then next place would be the Help Forum. We recommend that you do not post at first and use the Search feature on your query. Chances are, if you`re having a problem, someone else may be as well. Another helpful place for answers is here, the Help Site, it has many steps and guides for your benefit. After you have checked all of those areas you should post in the help forum, there are plenty of players willing to answer your questions.

Q: There was a case closed on me, but I didn't do anything. Why was this done to me?

A: On occasion, you will find that a case or two closed on you for a crime you did not commit. This usually happens when there is insufficient evidence, and police officers begin to guess the suspect and thus framing it on an innocent civilian. The officer would normally place in the case notes that he is making a guess due to insufficient evidence and leave it to the Judge to decide. Another reason you may be framed, is if your name and the actual criminals name end with the same last 3 letters, similar DNA or fingerprint IDs. This would just be a case of bad luck.

Q: Why I am able to edit the Help Forum?

A: If you are at the Top of a Legit Career, Mayor, or Crew Leader; you are given special privileges to edit the Help Forum. This gives you the chance to take an active and helpful role in the community. Once you quit or leave either of those careers, your privileges on the Help Forum would be removed until you reach those points again.

Q: I lost max health, how can I get it back?

A: You may regain max health points randomly by voting on Banners or using Medic Packs.

Q: I want to become a Judge or a Police officer, what should I do?

A: In most cities, to be eligible for the opportunity to become a Police Officer or Judge, you would need to have completed one or two careers previously in that city. Being a good citizen and helping out others would increase your chances in being added to the waiting list. If you have convictions, you will not be able to begin training for the Police Department and if you have more than 10 convictions, you will get fired from being a Judge or not be able to be promoted.

Q: I am having trouble solving PD cases? What should I do?

A: If you are having trouble solving cases, we have a few tips for you in our New Players Guide for the Police Department.

Q: What is "JB"?

A: The term "JB" stands for Jail Break - Basically the act of breaking someone out of jail. You and your partner in crime need to be in city where the prisoner is. Both the planner and the partner need to have their Agg Timer available to setup the Jail Break. When the partner accepts the jail break, the planner will need to execute the jail break as soon as possible from the Jail Break menu in your aggravated crime page. All three of you; you, your partner and prisoner, will have to be in same city and online at the same time to execute the plan - if successful, the prisoner would be out of jail. Note that taking too long to execute, may lead to you being imprisoned yourself.

Q: Can I kill someone in/from another city?

A: Yes you can although you would need to travel to them. Note that it is customary to request authorization to whack/GBH someone in another city from that city's leaders. To find out who to ask, check the local Bar in that city. If you whack/GBH someone without authorization from a leader, you would most likely be killed yourself.

Q: How do I launder dirty cash?

A: Go to the Yellow Pages in your City Menu and search for "Bank". Look for someone in the Banking career that is located in a city other than your Home City and is currently online. Send them a message to add you to his laundering list - you will then receive a journal entry when the banker has done so. After they have added you, travel to their city and start laundering with them via Income > Money Laundering.

Q: Can I whack people offline?

A: Yes - but only in certain scenarios. You can whack offline players if you are a Godfather, your Family is in war-mode, you are a family hitman or you are part of the SWAT team. Also note that if you have unlocked Solo Whack, you can whack IA (Inactive) players who have not logged on for the last 7 days or more, and are unemployed or are only in the first tier of a career.

Q: Why have my timers have gone away/don`t appear?

A: If you are a new player, you will get the timers for one week, after which they will be removed. To be able to use the timers again, you will need to purchase them via the Donations Page using your Donation Money. You can gain Donation Money by donating to MafiaMatrix or Voting on Banners. Alternatively, you can use the free toolbar from: here or #2 here.

Q: Where can I get a tattoo and how do I remove it?

A: You may purchase a tattoo from one of the Tattoo Parlours located in Toronto, Manchester and Chicago. They may be removed in any local hospital.

Q: How does Respect work?

A: When you start your new character, you will have 50% respect.

To increase your respect:

  • Attempt to or whack someone stronger than you.
  • If someone stronger than you attempts to whack you.
  • Be at the Top of a Career or a Crew Leader (with members) during the daily respect change.
  • Be a gangster in jail as a Lifer during the daily respect change.
  • Be a Caporegime during the daily respect change.

To decrease your respect:

  • If someone weaker than you attempts to whack you.
  • Attempt to or whack someone weaker than you.
  • Be unemployed during the daily respect change.
  • Be a legit citizen in jail during respect change.
  • Be a Crew Leader (Without Capos), Commissioner (Without Police Officers) or Supreme Court Judge (Without Judges)

If you do not meet any of the criteria's above, your respect will go unchanged.

Q: What is "Agg Pro" and "Whack Pro" for?

A: Agg Pro means Aggravated Protection - which is basically the cool down timer (2 Hours) before someone is able to commit another aggravated crime against you. Whack Pro means Whack Protection - which is basically the cool down timer before someone is able to attempt another whack on you. Unlike Agg Pro, Whack Pro times may vary depending on the situation. If someone has attempted to whack you, you receive 3 hours protection. However, if you attempt to whack anyone during those 3 hours, your whack protection time decreases to 15 minutes. There are also traits which allow for more time to be added to your whack pro. Another scenario would be if someone attempts to shank you in jail and fails, you will have 4 hours whack protection - this will not decrease if you attempt to whack someone during those 4 hours.

Q: What are Community Services for?

A: Community Services are used for various reasons. The most common use would be to decrease your Gangster Experience in order to stay or become a legit citizen again. By doing Community Services, you also help the current mayors funds as it increases with every service you do.

Q: What is Agg Strength bar?

A: In most aggravated crimes, Agg Strength determines the success of the crime. The Agg Strength bar shows the percentage of the player’s total strength that will be used in the crime - so the higher the percentile, the higher chance of success. The Agg Strength bar is only available for players who have purchased In-Game Timers.

Q: What is a 30 Min Time Out?

A: A 30 Min Time Out is a device used to stop people from scripting via mouse tamers. Doing this will stop you earning for the next 30 mins. Sometimes clicking on this button may be a mistake, however admins may still look into your account just in case.

Q: I have purchased the Character History feature - where can I access it?

A: Go to your characters Profile and click on "View player history" below your Last Activity. Alternatively you could go to Edit Profile > Previous Characters and click on "To view your past promotions, earns, aggs etc then click here..."

Q: Is there any other URL's To Access this site?

A: MafiaMatrix.Biz IP Address

We hope this helped, and remember.. If you come across something that should be here, but isn't, feel free to contribute.