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Drug stores are situated in Auckland, Beirut and New York.

Health Regeneration



Shop Price = $1,000

Regenerates 1 Health

Sticking Plaster

Sticking plaster.gif

Shop Price = $1,000

Regenerates 1 Health

Small Bandage

Small bandage.gif

Shop Price = $2,000

Regenerates 2 Health

Medium Bandage

Medium bandage.gif

Shop Price = $3,000

Regenerates 3 Health

Large Bandage

Large bandage.gif

Shop Price = $4,000

Regenerates 4 Health

Spray Skin

Spray skin.gif

Shop Price = $5,000

Regenerates 5 Health

Skin Stapler

Skin stapler.gif

Shop Price = $6,000

Regenerates 6 Health



Regenerates half of your health and a small chance of +1 Max Health.

Shop Price = $1,000,000



Shop Price = $500


Pseudoephedrine can be cooked into P, if you are a gangster with a science degree, by selecting the option from the Community Services page.

It can also be used by both gangsters and legits to cure the flu, rather than having to wait for medical personnel to cure you.