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Laundering is the process of turning 'dirty' or illegal money into 'clean', legal money. The first guide is for those who want to launder, while the second is to tell Bankers how to launder someones money.

Laundering Guide - For criminals with dirt money

You need to get a launderer to add you to their list. Check the Bar’s of each city to find a launderer, or ask fellow players. Message the launderer in game or via IRC and ask them to add you as a contact. Note that you cannot launder with someone from your home city. You will receive a Journal notice to tell you that you have been added for Laundering, and then, depending on the launderer a second notice to advise you that the fee has been set.

The usual cleaning fee is between 6-10% depending on the bank and the launderer - check with them if you need to know.

You then need to travel to the city where they are laundering. Launderers can only launder in their home city so don’t ask them to come to you.

Once you are in their city, click on the Income Icon on the left and an option to launder your dirty money will come up. As a new player the amount you can launder is up to $25k - this will increase as you rank up in the gangster world, but will stay the same for legit career players, unless you own a business.

After you have clicked on the Launder Dirty Money option, type in how much you want to get cleaned. Please note that you cannot transfer dirty money through the normal banking screen, it has to be done through the laundering option.

The launderer goes through their list and cleans the money for you. They will transfer the clean money straight in to your bank account. You can keep transferring money even if the launderer hasn’t cleaned the last amount. You can transfer once every 20 minutes.

You don’t need to stay in the city once you’ve transferred all your dirty money. Launderers do not have a timer for laundering - it can be done as often as they need to.

Please do not message your launderer to hurry up and clean your money for you. They will do it when they can. However, you should send 1 message when you have transferred some cash and let them know it is there, as they do not get a journal entry to tell them money is waiting.

Laundering Guide - For Bankers

To become a Bank worker (Bank Teller, Loan Officer, Bank Manager) you need to get a degree in business. To get this degre you need to have $4000 which you can get from the earns you have available to you or by taking a loan out from the bank. You will need to apply to the University and begin studying for your Business degree. You need to do at least 15 studies to get the degree. You can study once every 20 minutes.

When you have your degree you will have the option of Working at the Local Bank in your earn options, and Laundering Dirty Money from the Income menu.

To begin laundering, you need to add the names of the people you want to launder for. To do this, click on the Launder Dirty Money option from your Income menu and you will get a screen with the option to Add contacts and Launder Money. Click on Add a contact and type in the name of the person.

Once you have done this it will take you back to the first screen and the name should then appear on the list. You need to click on the name and you will then have three options available to choose from. Click on the option to set the cut you want to take. You can choose whatever you want but as the Bank automatically takes at least 5%, the rate most choose is 1%, making the total cut 6% that is taken from the money you launder.

When you add a person for laundering they will receive a Journal notice, and then when you change the cut they will receive a second notice to advise you have changed the fee.

After someone has sent dirty money to you to be laundered, when you go into the Launder Dirty money screen, it will show the amount next to their name.

To launder their money, click on their name and pick the "launder" option. After you do this a screen will come up and tell you that the money has been laundered. It will show you how much the Bank has taken and how much you have taken. At the bottom of the screen it shows you how much you need to send back to the person less all the fees.

I advise having two screens open if you are laundering, but if you don't want to do this, note the amount it says to transfer and then go to your own "Bank" screen. You will see an entry in your bank transactions saying that there has been a bank error in your favour. This is the total fee and amount that you have earned from cleaning the persons money. You then need to click on transfer and type in the amount you noted from the laundering screen, and the name of the person to send the money too and send it to them.

PLEASE NOTE: Get it right! It is YOUR responsibility to send the right amount of money to the right person. If you send it to the wrong person, that is your problem to sort out. If you send too much money - that is your problem to sort out.