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About the Engineering career

The engineering career is a highly active career. In this, you will fix players cars when they break down, and as you progress through your career, you can begin to build apartments, businesses and crew fronts. To get into this career, you will need to have an engineering degree, and do 30 mechanic earns before you reach the first of four ranks.

Engineering Earns

Mechanic at local vehicle yard

Technician at local vehicle yard

Engineer at local Construction Site

Chief Engineer at local Construction Company

Vehicle Salvaging

Vehicle salvaging can only be done by people within the engineering career while in their home city. Salvaging requires a free action timer and a certain amount of engineering exp to do it. Salvaging uses a 20 minutes cooldown on action timer. When starting salvages you will fail more then not; however, the more you succeed the more experience you get with the agg and so the more easily you'll succeed next time. Salvages require vehicles to be disposed into the river, when no vehicles are in the river you will fail the agg.


The first stage of the engineering career is the mechanic.Since mechanics are on the bottom of the engineering chain, you only are able to fix people’s vehicles when they break down. Keep earning and doing repairs, and before you know it you will be a technician!


Now you are one step up from being a mechanic and on your way to the top! Since you are more skilled and experienced as a technician you can help people by building their homes for them.

Once someone requests an apartment, it will show up for you to build. Also, since occasionally gangsters from the local families like to let their frustration out with a little bit of arson, someone needs to fix those burnt businesses. That someone is you! Of course, you are still capable of fixing up cars.


You are now one step closer to being the top engineer in your city. After a few more days hard work, and good work ethic you should be there in no time. You are still able to fix cars and repair burnt buildings as an engineer. Of course, gangsters need a place to meet and plan their activities; you can now build them their Crew Fronts.

Chief Engineer

Chief Engineer.gif
Chief Engineer is the highest rank in this career. Now you own your cities "Construction Company" and receive daily income from that! You can do everything that a normal engineer can do, but now... You get 1% respect each day, collect income from your business, and you are also permitted to build Palaces.