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Army Recruitment Centre


Bionics.pngBionics can be found in

This is where Bionics are sold.

Boxing.pngBoxing can be found in

This is where players can sign up to fight each other or place bets on the players who are signed up for a fight.

Brothel.pngBrothel can be found in

Casino.pngCasino can be found in

Clothing shop.pngClothing Shop can be found in

This is where clothing is sold if you are tired of your Dirty Tee and Ripped Jeans. They are all made by the owner of the shop and are purely cosmetic adding no actual effect to the game.

Customs Training Centre

Dog fights.pngDog Fights can be found in

Dogs.pngDog Pound can be found in

This is where Pets, more precisely dogs, are sold. Custom pets are created by the Admin and are normally given away through competition.

Dog training.pngDog Training School can be found in

Drug House

Drug.pngDrug Store can be found in

This is where Medicine is sold.

Eden park.pngEden Park can be found in

Fire Service Recruitment Office

Fire Station

Funeral Parlour

Gym.pngGym can be found in

Horse racing.pngHorse Racing can be found in


Hotel.pngHotel can be found in

Local Crime Family Listing

Money Market

Trafford.pngOld Trafford can be found in

Parking.pngParking Lot can be found in

Phone Book

Police Recruitment Office

Police Station

Population Listing

Tattoo.pngTattoo Parlour can be found in

Weapons auction.pngUnderground Weapons Auction can be found in


Vehicle Repair Shop

Vehicle.pngVehicle Yard can be found in

This is where Vehicles are sold.

Weapon shop.pngWeapons Shop can be found in

This is where Weapons are sold. Weapons shops from different cities carry different top guns (Rail Gun, Omega Death Laser, Plasma Rifle)

Yellow Pages