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Bionic Arms

Shop Price = $100,000


Increased Attack

Like the bionic legs, the arms strength comes from hydraulic pressure. This technology was designed for machines to handle unstable materials. However, also like the bionic legs, their lethal potential was soon realized, and soon the black market was flooded with stocks. A person with bionic arms can tear doors off their hinges with ease, and even rip a man's arms out of their sockets.

Bionic Legs

Shop Price = $200,000


Increased Defense

Based on a hydraulic pressure system, the bionic legs were originally designed and intended for amputees. However as their potential for superior speed was realized, they were developed into weapons by the military. Today, some of the most lethal soldiers are seen racing at incredible speeds on bionic legs.

Bionic Eyes

Shop Price = $350,000


Increased Stealth

Bionic eyes were an experimental procedure given to the most elite peacekeeper commandos around the globe. Incorporating infrared, night vision, and a persona-cataloging-database, the bionic eye will scan your surroundings and detect threats - even while you sleep! it is unknown how they landed on the black market, or how many there are, however anyone with an installed bionic eye is a worthy adversary.

Bionic Brain

Shop Price = $500,000


Increased Intelligence

You have a bionic brain chip installed, your senses are more acute allowing you to think faster, clearer and understand new concepts that were previously ungraspable. You almost feel pity for the next scum who will try to mess with you.

Bionic Heart

Shop Price = $500,000


Faster Health Recovery

The medical society rejoiced as the world's leading scientists developed the first working bionic heart in the year 2038. Through innovative use of nanotechnology, cells are continuously revitalized, slowing aging while still allowing it to circulate blood twice as fast as a normal organic heart. Shortly after, military commanders worldwide sought to upgrade their elite soldiers with ultra-enhanced metabolisms allowing them to exert more energy and regenerate from critical wounds faster. Due to their miraculous healing properties underworld figures frequently seek to purchase bionic hearts on the black market.